Types Of Service

Wash and Detail Packages


Gold Service

Whatever the size or make of your bike our Gold Service includes:

  • Professional cleaning with top of the range wash and detail products
  • Polishing of all chrome and stainless parts using top of the range polishing products and materials
  • All paintwork detailed appropriate to need
  • Basic engine  (including carbs) and secondary parts cleaned with flash solvent  and chemical cleaners and appropriate polishes

Even with our most basic Gold Service, we will never take the cheap and easy approach of high-pressure jet washing your pride and joy because doing so on a regular basis:

  • Risks life-shortening and potentially dangerous and expensive damage from impact cleaning of exposed and critical components such as bearings and electrics
  • Fails to appreciate that your bike is not a sealed unit and does not have a protective body.  It is not a car – it is much better than that
  • Increases the risk that water gets into vital places where it should not be
  • Uses detergents, which may strip-off or damage the protective waxed finish that has been so carefully built up over time
  • Produces an inferior finish

 From £70.00

Platinum Service

Sometimes, even the best isn’t enough.  The platinum includes all the elements of the Gold Service plus:

  • Intense and extremely thorough clean and polish.
  • My full attention to detail using the very best products.
  • Getting your bike looking as great as possible.

From £100.00

Winter Basic Wash

This runs November until the end of January, weather permitting:

  • A basic wash and detail spray

(Norwich area only)

From £40.00

Trikes and Outfits

Platinum Service: From £120

Gold Service:  From £100

Optional Service and Add Ons

Chain and Sprocket Clean:  The chain is cleaned and re-lubricated, as well as the back sprocket cleaned spotless.


Heavy Degrease:  This is for bikes which have been heavily used or have stood for a while. The heavy degrease will ensure oil and tar contaminates are removed to a realistic standard.
Prices upon request


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